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The salary in Metal Industry is paid on hourly basis, every second week´s Friday.

The actual wage – in accordance with Collective agreement for Metal Industry Branch - will be discussed and agreed before You arrive to Finland. The tax should be paid to Finland.
+ Normally in Metal Industry we are working 40 hours/week
+ The allowance for afternoon shift is 1,15 EUR/h, for night shift a 2,12 EUR/h
+ For every single month in work You´ll earn 2 holiday days
+ Overtime is usually allowed, but always by permission of your manager, teamleader

After the details of your work relationship have been agreed we could by the flight ticket for You, usually. However we can always discuss the details, for instance, You would like tor travel by your car, which is warmly recommended, we can compensate part of the costs upon the arrival. It is strongly recommended to have a passport, not only a national ID card. 


You´ll get a written bi-language (FIN-ENG) work contract, You can read it, ask any questions, before You are going to sign it. Our college responsible for sorting out the official issues will assist You in all governmental offices, banks, tax office etc.


Our company is not able to provide accommodation to our employees for free of charge due to taxation issues. Nevertheless we are renting the flats, rooms, providing the minimal furnitures, the rent for the accommodation is calculated on the particular location and flat-size. We are trying to find accomodations for reasonable price. Our goal is to provide a separate room for everyone, as far as possible. 


From the moment of signing the work contract You are covered by the employers mandatory occupational accident insurance, similarly You are eligible to use occupational health care services. After getting your first salary You can apply for the Finnish National social care, You will be assisted by our company. 

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