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Our company is providing HR solution for industrial branch throughout Finland. Our personal is dedicated and well skilled, focused to the particular needs of our partner companies. 
We believe strongly that everything has it´s reason and meaning, everyone has his, her own path to go, everyone of us we have is KARMA
The company has been born based on this fundamental idea, a company which can open the opportunities and guides the employees and the employers together.

pozitív munkahely

We strongly believe, that everyone deserves the chances towards the future, as a support we would like to add our professionalism. 
We are representing skilled professionals looking for job opportunities, as well as companies looking for employees who fits to their needs.

Your prosperity is our success!

Our services are covering all aspects of working in Finland.

We are specialized to offer jobs for international workforce specially to metal industry.

We can offer many opportunities in many companies.

Our operation is based on Finnish legislations and Collective Agreements. 
All agreements are officially valid documents. We are making no differences between Finnish and non-Finnish workers: all benefits are the same.




Our operation is based on mutual human relationship with our employees as well as our partners.
Humanity; Everyone is important!

We would like to develop our operation continuously. We would like to be a company who takes an active role in our Customer´s operation development.
Everything we do has it´s purpose!


In everyday´s work life we would like to promote the positive attitude.
Attitude decides Altitude!


Justice describes our ethics and morality. For us, it is more important than any aspects of profit- or benefit.
Peace of Conscience and Peace of Mind!

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